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putting a simple email link on your page will do it as long as the user has an email progam installed like..um..outlook is it? i cant remember..however, this is a big no no in web design, as spam bots can harvest your email and then send you lots of nice spam.the best way to go about it is to use a server side scripting and a contact form on your page. that way, no-one will be able to get your email, even by looking at the source code.the other way, is to put your email address on the site but use javascript to hide or scramble your email address so spam bots cant get at it. however, someone who views your source code can work out your email address.therefore, i'd recommend the first solution with server side scripting. you dont have to learn it, theres plenty of free scripts out there, especially php ones, that deal with site to email form contact type thing.hope that helps:)

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Hi :)Here is the free email hider. It asks you to enter:1. the email you want to encrypt2. the text for the link3. the image name (if scripts are turned off the image will appear). You can write on picture your email. If scripts turned off there will be no link but in any case the your email will be shown :)It is on JavaScript and it generates the Javascript code :)Here is the link: http://turbo.novline.ru/scripts/email_hider.htmland you can see the code here:

     <script>  $link = prompt("Please enter the email which should be hidden from the bots", "user@domain.com");  $descr = prompt("Please enter the text of the link", "email me!"); $img = prompt("Please enter the image name.\nIf scripts are not allowed the picture will be shown instead of email-link.", "put here the global link to image on internet or put the local path to it on your server");  $crypted = "";  for($i=0; $i<$link.length; $i++)      $crypted += $link.charAt($link.length-$i)+$link.charAt($i);      </script>   <pre>  &LT;script&GT;  </pre>  <script>  document.write("$crypted=\""+$crypted+"\";");  document.write("$descr=\""+$descr+"\";"); document.write("$img=\""+$img+"\";"); </script>  <pre>  $encrypted = "";  for($i=0; $i<$crypted.length/2; $i++)      $encrypted += $crypted.charAt($i*2);  document.write("&LT;a href=mailto:"+$encrypted+"&GT;"+$descr+"&LT;/a&GT; ");  &LT;/script&GT;  &LT;noscript&GT;  </pre>  <script>                                                                                                                                                                document.write("&LT;img src=\""+$img+"\"&GT;");  alert("Now close this window and get the JavaScript code!\n\n\n Enjoy! =)\n\n         Written on JavaScript by nick [icq: 213647080]\n         Modified, fixed and translated by Turbo [icq: 337351594]");</script>  <pre>  &LT;noscript&GT;  </pre>      

P.S.: 2alsybabes: you need the PHP support on your hosting :( Or you can use the simple HTML code such as:

<a href=mailto:user@domain.com?subject=blablablah>mail me!</a>

But it will just open the email-client such as Outlook, Thunderbird, TheBat! or other if it installed... No directly sending from your site :D

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