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Text from a hover


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Hello all. I have the code working except when the text has quotes. Here is the code...

<a href="art2.php?id=<?PHP echo $r['id']?>"><img src="images/items/<?PHP echo $r['gallery_id']?>-T.jpg" alt="<?PHP echo stripslashes($r['title'])?>" width="118" height="118" border="0" class="pic-border" style="background-color: #869AA1" />

I thought this would work...

alt="<?PHP echo stripslashes($r['title'])?>"

There are about 20 pictures on this page and all have text when I hover except the 1. The text that does not show is as follows... "Gros Mourne" Nfdl. BTW this is coded for IE (Customer request) Hooch

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You mean that $r['title] can have quotes? Well, in that case, simply escape them to entities like so:

alt="<?PHP echo htmlspecialchars(stripslashes($r['title']),ENT_QUOTES)?>"

(with this, you're also safely escaping "<", ">" and "&" btw)

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