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  1. Sounds very much like a Forum software that you need.User profiles, sign-ons, messaging, and most Forums allows "groups" which you could use to offer various levels of authority.PHP and MySql are a great combination for this application.
  2. try this google search: dating site software freeware
  3. Also, change the file name after it is uploaded so the user can not guess at the name of the uploads folder and the filename contained inside.And either of the methods above should work for security, but having the uploads folder outside of the web-accessible path would be more secure. IMHO
  4. Define "annoying, erratic results", please.
  5. Alternately, simply apply the same CSS to the :hover state as the non-hover state and it will not change colour.Personally, I would simply comment out the existing :hover CSS in case you needed it back some day.
  6. I guess this Topic is complete now.
  7. Can you check the mysql DB to see if the information is stored in it?
  8. anything by Larry Ullman
  9. place your login credentials in a config file with a php extension.locate the config.php file outside of your web root folder.use an include statement to have the config.php file added to your script.
  10. where is the code for this function?checkUser()
  11. http://ca3.php.net/manual/en/function.fgets.php
  12. jlhaslip


    It sort of depends on the code you have created and also on what you mean by 'move freely'...Margins, padding and floats are used to 'move' things. Sometimes position: relative or absolute. Or possibly a Span tag might be needed.Let us see the code you have created so far.
  13. Nice and clean page. Good luck with it.
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