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Please help me (The edited version)


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Hi Everyone,So here is a quick break down of my problem. I have no idea what I'm looking for in the code :mellow: so I'll leave that bit out.Thanks for the tip User4Fun :) Here's what I need to find out how to do.1) I wish to make the boxes non drop down menus so that people may enter their own values on the following page. http://www.kazmyns.com/featured-escorts-an...dvertisings.php2) This page; http://www.kazmyns.com/escorts-advertisements.html is the result of clicking on the Advertise with Us navigation button. I wish to remove it and replace it with this page; http://www.kazmyns.com/advertise_city.php3) On this page; http://www.kazmyns.com/advertise_city.php I need to change the following text Left Banner change to Free Advertising Right Banner change to Gold Package 1 Month Category Banner Ad (468x60) change to Platinum package4) Then I need to make sure that; Left Banner/ Free Advertising links to; http://www.kazmyns.com/free-escorts-and-ag...vertisings.html and Right Banner/Gold Package and 1 Month Category Banner Ad (468x60)/Platinum package link to; http://www.kazmyns.com/featured-escorts-an...dvertisings.php5) Finally I need to ensure that when clients complete the form on this page http://www.kazmyns.com/featured-escorts-an...dvertisings.php an email is sent to sales@kazmyns.com containing a copy of the information completed on the form and an email is sent to the client containing their login details which they will use to view and change their profiles. The profile login is this page http://www.kazmyns.com/sign_in.php and the profiles are located on this page http://www.kazmyns.com/escort_profile.phpAny suggestions will be most gratefully received.Many Thanks :)

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