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Multiple variables in ASP files

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Hi, Can I put multiple variables in an ASP file? For instance: <html><body><%dim namefilter this list name="Donald Duck"response.write("My name is: " & name)%><%dim namefilter that list name="Darkwing Duck"response.write("My name is: " & name)%></body></html>I am using ASP files, Javascript, HTML and my database is MS SQL. Thanks for any help you can offer. tyv

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Hi, Can I put multiple variables in an ASP file? For instance: ...
Yes you can, but not more than once with the same name! A variable declaration is global in your page (unless withina function). So in your example you would either need to reuse the same variable without declaring it again:
<%dim namename="Donald Duck"response.write("My name is: " & name)%><%name="Darkwing Duck"response.write("My name is: " & name)%>

or alternatively, in cases where you need a separate variable, declare it with a different name:

<%dim namename="Donald Duck"response.write("My name is: " & name)%><%dim name2name2="Darkwing Duck"response.write("My name is: " & name2)%>

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