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Looping Arrays That Match Values In Multi-dimensional Array


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Hi - I wonder if anyone can shed some light in my tunnel.I have a wsdl feed which I call with soap and all the values are in xml arrays with other multi-dimensional arrays nested in them.eg.

[products] => Array		(			[0] => stdClass Object				(					[product_id] => 1000					[product_title] => some product					[product_description] => some prod info					[features] => Array						  (							[0] => stdClass Object								(									[feature_id] => 422									[feature_detail] => 								)							[1] => stdClass Object								(									[feature_id] => 476									[feature_detail] => 								)							)						)

What I am trying to do is loop through the main [product] array where all the [feature_id] array values are equal to value 476.This 'kind of' works when I do this

foreach($response->products as $product) {foreach($product->features as $feature) {	if ($feature->feature_id =='476'){echo "<pre>"; print_r($response); echo "</pre>";}}}

But with the error message Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() - (I think) because not every array had this value so I end up with blanks. Yet if I do the following it works perfectly:

foreach($response->products as $product) {	if ($product->product_name =='specific product'){foreach($product->features as $feature) {	if ($feature->feature_id =='476'){

because I know that those specific products have feature_id 476 in it.from what I have read on the net from php.net, w3schools and hundreds of forums etc - I think I need to use some sort of for loop on the [features], but have not had any success implementing it and I have just ended up confusing myself. All my experience with php has been with mysql and all this soapy business is new to me and I am frustrated I can't just use a where clause!!Can anyone give me some pointers on where to go from here?Thanks in advance.

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Many thanks for the quick response JSGWorks like a charm - I wish I had come here sooner!!Many many thanksp.s.I know your really busy helping out all us newbs, but do you know why it doesn't work without that extra if statement?

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