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Positioning Image Behind

Guest Romuald632

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Guest Romuald632

Hello, 'm french so sorry for my english !!I try postioning an image behind another oneThis my PHP code

<?php$image=$_GET['image'];$photo =mysql_query('SELECT DISTINCT image,ville,titre_image,auteur,copyright,site_web FROM photo WHERE photo.image="'.$image.'"');while ($gd_photo = mysql_fetch_array($photo) )	 {			echo '<li class="pays"><img src="images/pt_logo_photo_01.png" /> Vous ĂȘtes ici <img src="images/fleche_01.png" /> Photos <img src="images/fleche_01.png"> '.$gd_photo['ville'].'</li>';	echo "<br/>";	echo "<br/>";	echo '<div class="gd_photo">';	echo '<img src="../upload/'.$gd_photo['image'].'" width="600" border="0">';	echo '<br />';	echo $gd_photo['titre_image'];	echo '<br />';	echo "</div>";}?>

This is the title of my image : <img class="x" src="images/transparent_01.png" />And this is my CSS code :


It's OK for 1024 resolution, but no for 800x600 resolution.I try too "relative" but it's bad...Can you help me ?

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