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Okay, on every page there are 2 submit buttons to go back and go next without changing the actual page. using php (if (isset($_GET['nameOfInputButton']))). This is fine for about thirty pages, but when I used a page with a previous (closed) form the submit buttons do not work what-so-ever.Here is the code for the page from the <?php> tag. (no scripts or CSS effect this form in any way.):

if (isset($_GET['XF']))echo "<h1 align='center'>XHTML <font class='th'>Validation</font></h1><br />					<p>With validation you can learn the errors in you page and even have them fixed for you.</p>					<form method='get' action='http://validator.w3.org/check' target='_blank'>					<p>Enter a web address in the box below:</p>					<p><input name='uri' type='text' size='60' /></p>					<input type='submit' value='Validate' />					</form>					<hr /><font>					<input type='submit' value='<< Back' name='XE' /><input type='submit' value='Next >>' name='XG' />					</form>";

The validotar from W3C works wonderfully. But my next and back buttons do NOTHING.

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