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Mysql W/ Php


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I'm trying to make a feature that adds data to a table, the code is:

<div style="border:1px solid">ZAX Data Input:<br />Name: <input type="text" name="ZAXName" /> ID: <input type="text" name="ZAXid" /> <br />Content:<br /><textarea name="ZAXContent" rows="10" col="20" /><br /></textarea><input type="submit" name="ZAXBtn" /><br /><?php if ($_POST['ZAXBtn']) {$ZAXID=$_POST['ZAXid'];$ZAXNAME=$_POST['ZAXName'];$ZAXCONTENT=$_POST['ZAXContent'];$sql = " INSERT INTO `a7053602_forumd`.`ZAX` (`id` ,`name` ,`content`)VALUES (\'" . $ZAXID . "\', \'" . $ZAXNAME . "\', \'" . $ZAXCONTENT . "\') ";if (!mysql_query($sql,$con)) {die('Error! ' . mysql_error());}echo "Data added.";?></div>

Note: the input tags, submit button, and textarea are wrapped in <form> tags from earlier in the page. But, if it matters, which I feel that it does for some reason, it is the same <form> tags I used to wrap around a login feature to access this feature.Anywho, for the problem.I get redirected to my login portion and no data is added. I got the SQL portion (and modified it some bits by myself) from PhpMyAdmin after seeing if I can Insert data into the table. Any help?

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Er, I think the problem is my technique for Inserting the data.I'm using the same premise on another page, this:

$name = $_POST['title'];$content = $_POST['content'];if ($_POST['Douser']) {$sql = "INSERT INTO `a8949742_sm`.`Kestral` (`id` ,`name` ,`content`)VALUES (NULL , '$name', '$content')";if (!$sql) {	die('Invalid query: ' . mysql_error());}else{mysql_query($sql);}

The form tag's action is pointing towards the page it is on. For something like this, should I make a new page with this code that is pointed to by the form?

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