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Multiple External Css Files?


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Hi guys. I ran a search, but couldn't find anything. Hope ya'll don't mind me asking. :) I'm trying to work on my css for my site. I was wondering, is it possible to link multiple external CSS files, (.i.e. One for the navigation Menu, one for the layout(s))? If anyone else has some advice, I'd appreciate it!Taaron

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Absolutely. The simplest thing is just to have multiple <link> elements in your head.You can also use @ rules:

<style type="text/css">	@import url(monkey.css);	@import url(zebra.css);	@import url(human.css);</style>

@ rules MUST be the first line(s) of a style sheet, internal or external. Style rules must come below them.I find that @ rules make for cleaner looking, easy to read code.

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