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Regex Pains


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Hello all,I really tried hard to avoid asking on the forums, but after an hour, I just cant get this to work and its bugging me.I want to know if someone can help me out with the regex I need to find the folliwng in a string and replace it (using PHP)


Heres my problem: define('HOST_NAME','') can either have an empty value as the example above, or something already set like so:

define('HOST_NAME','a host name');

So obviously my current preg_replace function wont work al lthe time (or at all)Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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There's another mistake: parenthsis are reserved characters and should be escaped.You can just check for 0 or more characters if there may or may not be a host name already:/\bdefine\('HOST_NAME','[^']*'\);\b/

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