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first of all this is my first time posting on a form so if i get it wrong please advise me thank you.i under stand line 1 that is to place index.php in left main frame , i know the ND line tell to load page_2 to right main frame but it doesn't i feel that it cant find page _2, it doesn't know were it is, so what is line is telling me? what is it want to do ? i Try looking in some book but i guess i don't know were to start. thank you again index.php?main_page=page_2

  line 1 <frame src="index.php" name="leftMainFrame" id="leftMainFrame" title="leftMainFrame" /> line 2 <frame src="index.php?main_page=page_2" name="rightMainFrame" title="rightMainFrame" noresize="noresize" id="rightMainFrame" scrolling="auto" />

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