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Concise Checking Of Field Values On Insert Query


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I am writing a script to add items to a shopping basket. My shopping basket table has fields for the userid, product id, session id, notes and a few others. Some of the fields can be blank. For example:if someone isn't signed in, then I will store their session id in the table and, if they sign in, add their userid so I have a permanant way to match the items in the table to the user. If they are, I'll add the userid. When it comes to the INSERT query, can I do something like this:$add_sql = "INSERT into sessionBasket (userid) VALUES ('". isset($_SESSION["userid"]) ? $_SESSION["userid"] : "" ."'";It would save me so much time on variable checking and branching because people could be signed in or not, items could have notes or not, that sort of thing.

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