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Calendar Jacked Up My Page (brand Noob)


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I downloaded and installed a calendar for a template I'm building. Chrome, Opera and Safari display it properly. IE8 and FF don't. As a matter of fact, it completely ruins the page.Why?Here's the js:

function buildCal(m, y, cM, cH, cDW, cD, brdr){var mn=['January','February','March','April','May','June','July','August','September','October','November','December'];var dim=[31,0,31,30,31,30,31,31,30,31,30,31];var oD = new Date(y, m-1, 1); //DD replaced line to fix date bug when current day is 31stoD.od=oD.getDay()+1; //DD replaced line to fix date bug when current day is 31stvar todaydate=new Date() //DD addedvar scanfortoday=(y==todaydate.getFullYear() && m==todaydate.getMonth()+1)? todaydate.getDate() : 0 //DD addeddim[1]=(((oD.getFullYear()%100!=0)&&(oD.getFullYear()%4==0))||(oD.getFullYear()%400==0))?29:28;var t='<div class="'+cM+'"><table class="'+cM+'" cols="7" cellpadding="0" border="'+brdr+'" cellspacing="0"><tr align="center">';t+='<td colspan="7" align="center" class="'+cH+'">'+mn[m-1]+' - '+y+'</td></tr><tr align="center">';for(s=0;s<7;s++)t+='<td class="'+cDW+'">'+"SMTWTFS".substr(s,1)+'</td>';t+='</tr><tr align="center">';for(i=1;i<=42;i++){var x=((i-oD.od>=0)&&(i-oD.od<dim[m-1]))? i-oD.od+1 : ' ';if (x==scanfortoday) //DD addedx='<span id="today">'+x+'</span>' //DD addedt+='<td class="'+cD+'">'+x+'</td>';if(((i)%7==0)&&(i<36))t+='</tr><tr align="center">';}return t+='</tr></table></div>';}
Here's the HTML/js:
<div id="cal_box"><script type="text/javascript">var todaydate=new Date()var curmonth=todaydate.getMonth()+1 //get current month (1-12)var curyear=todaydate.getFullYear() //get current yeardocument.write(buildCal(curmonth ,curyear, "main", "month", "daysofweek", "days", 1));</script></div>
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