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Percentage Php Script


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Hello I am wondering if someone would be willing to help me create a script, because this one is kinda complicated lol. What happens is that I specify 2 times, lets say 3:30 pm to 5:00 pm. At the beginning there will be a percent that is 0%, as time passes the percent will get higher and higher until it is at 5:00 pm. It will then be at 100%.This is for a website maintenance progress bar if you can tell.\Thanks!Also would this be better to be done in perl?

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Well, this doesn't seem too hard to do. Logical steps:

  • Define times 1 and 2, how complicated this is depends on your requirements, possibly involving a database for ease of use
  • Check if time 1 has arrived yet, if not handle case that time period has yet to arrive
  • Check if we're later than time 2, if so the time period has already elapsed
  • If neither of the previous were true then we handle the case that we are in that time period, subtract time 1 from time 2 (as unix timestamps) (result is sum 1), subtract time 1 from time() (result is sum 2), 100*(sum1-sum2) is the percentage

Which bit of that are you unsure of? Perl would be better if you're familiar with perl I suppose, if you're more familiar with PHP and the app is written in it then there's no compelling advantage to mix languages.

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