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Transfer data using radio button

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try this one. Private Function rdoShipToBillingAddress_CheckedChanged(ByRef state As String, _ ByRef statevalue As String) As String If rdoShipToBillingAddress.Checked = True Then txtShipFname.Text = txtBillFname.Text txtShipLname.Text = txtBillLname.Text txtShipStreet.Text = txtBillStreet.Text txtShipCity.Text = txtBillCity.Text txtShipPhone.Text = txtBillPhone.Text txtShipMobile.Text = txtBillMobile.Text txtShipFax.Text = txtBillFax.Text state = ddlBillState.SelectedItem.Text statevalue = ddlBillState.SelectedValue txShipZipcode.Text = txtBillZipcode.Text ddlShipCountry.SelectedValue = ddlBillCountry.SelectedValue Else state = Me.ddlShipState.SelectedItem.Text statevalue = Me.ddlShipState.SelectedValue End If End Function

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