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Json Encoding Not Working


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I've got an interesting situation here. I have a function that constructs a JSON string and then uses the push() method to add the string to an array.This is my function:

{"TypeA": [{"Part": '1290', "PcLength": 240, "Pieces": 2}, {"Part": '1290', "PcLength": 180, "Pieces": 2}, {"Part": '1291', "PcLength": 240, "Pieces": 2}, {"Part": '1291', "PcLength": 180, "Pieces": 2}], "TypeB": [{"Part": 'undefined', "PcLength": 176.25, "Pieces": 3}, {"Part": 'undefined', "PcLength": 178.25, "Pieces": 3}, {"Part": 'undefined', "PcLength": 178.25, "Pieces": 3}], "TypeC": [{"Part": 'undefined', "PcLength": 58.4375, "Pieces": 12}, {"Part": 'undefined', "PcLength": 58.4375, "Pieces": 12}, {"Part": 'undefined', "PcLength": 58.4375, "Pieces": 12}], "TypeD": [], "TypeE": [{"Part": '1.000', "PcLength": 86, "Pieces": 3}], "TypeF": []}

I cleaned it up a bit so its easier to read. Now it looks like valid JSON but when I try to access arrParts[0]["TypeA"] I get undefined.But get this. I copied and pasted the output from that function to this one to test the JSON syntax:

function setArray() {	var arrTest = new Array();		strJSON = <JSON output goes here>;	arrTest.push(strJSON);		alert(arrTest[3]["TypeA"][0]["PcLength"]);}

AND IT WORKS!!I don't understand it. Can anyone help me please! What am I doing wrong!Thank you.

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