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Php Is Adding  Before £


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I've got a real oddity going on here.On a page I have a bit of code:

<?php require_once('includes/basketdiv.php'); ?>

On a more complex page when it outputs the content of that file it adds a  before the £. For example "Basket Items: 0 | Total Price: £". However, on a very simplistic page it outputs the contents of the file correctly.The total content of the file is:

<div class="basketdiv"><a href=basket.php>Basket Items: 0 | Total Price: £0</a></div>

This is just part of a website test I'm going through, my only thought is that the more complex page includes some echo's in it rather than print. Could that be affecting it? (It also has the results of a sql query)Any suggestions on how to resolve this? A quick search on Google results in unhelpful responses from php devs.

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