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Hi there.I have been trying to get this to work out for me, but i never get anywhere with it. So i hopefully some of you could help me out.I got 4 datafields in mySQL. It looks like:name || lottonumber1 || lottonumber2 ||lottonumber3And on the site i have 4 inputs for each of the datafields.The problem is that i dont want to let the users have same numbersat all. Atm they are able to have like:name || lottonumber1 || lottonumber2 ||lottonumber3Corgae 1 2 3noob 1 2 3So what i need is: All 3 inputs on the site needs to get checked if the numbers exits in the fields. So it for example will be like:CorgaE 1 2 3Noob 4 5 6All help is really appricated.

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