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[solved] Mysql Query Linked To New Page (php)


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Hello~I hope you guys can help me out here with this problem I am having.I don't know how to put in words, so I'll use pictures to show you too.linktophp.jpgHere, I have an php page that display's a list of personal data via mysql.Beside the table rows is a button generated along with the data which would allow the user to click it and display that specific data on a new php page (a page that will have an edit or delete button etc etc)So far, this is the code for the listed page (table).

<table id="dataTable" margin="0">	<tr>		<td id="emptyTableBar"></td><td id="tableBar" width="40">ID</td><td id="tableBar" width="150">First name</td> <td id="tableBar" width="150">Surname</td><td id="tableBar" width="100">D.O.B</td> <td id="tableBar" width="150">Nation</td><td id="tableBar" width="150">Sport</td> <td id="tableBar" width="140">Type</td>	</tr>		<?php	$d='</td><td>';	for ($k=0;$k<$n;$k++) {													$sql = mysql_fetch_assoc($c);							echo ('<tr><td id="emptyTableBar"><a href="individual.php"><img src="images/selectButton.jpg" border="0" margin="1"></a>'.$d.$sql["id"].$d.$sql["first"].$d.$sql["last"].$d.$sql["dob"].$d.$sql["nation"].$d.$sql["sport"].$d.$sql["type"].'</td></tr>'); }	?>	</table>

And this is the individual's

<table id="dataTable" margin=0;>	<tr>	<td id="tableBar" width="40">ID</td> <td id="tableBar" width="150">First name</td> <td id="tableBar" width="150">Surname</td> <td id="tableBar" width="100">D.O.B</td> <td id="tableBar" width="150">Nation</td> <td id="tableBar" width="150">Sport</td> <td id="tableBar" width="140">Type</td>	</tr>	<?php	$sql= "SELECT * FROM person WHERE 1 LIMIT 0, 30";	$d='</td><td>';	echo ('<tr><td>'.$sql["id"].$d.$sql["first"].$d.$sql["last"].$d.$sql["dob"].$d.$sql["nation"].$d.$sql["sport"].$d.$sql["type"].'</td></tr>');?></table>

sorry for the long codes >_>;- My button at the moment is only a link to the PHP page.- Second page don't have anything to grab the any data at the moment.And I've tried different methods which I don't know who to work through.like adding '?id={$k}' at the link and hoping to somehow grab it with $_GET but that's only with 'method' inputs?I hope you guys understand what I'm getting at and that you can help me :);Savvi

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You could do this:...<a href="individual.php?id=' . $sql["id"] . '">...and then find that in $_GET['id'].
OK, that seems like a plan, thankyou!will try that.~Update~Thankyou!It worked like a charm. :)I can carry on working on updating, deleting etc untill I get to Date validation (Another problem I'm fearing)Well, this one is now solved. Edited by Savvi
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