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Dynamic Table?


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make 2 css for blue & white respectively.in the for or while loop whatever u use, find the row serial no is odd or even.make a if clause in the class section in the td like

<td class = "<?php if (serial no is odd, echo blue class... else echo white clsss.);?>"> your content</td>
I think you can implement the concept with the Codes. It's very easy dude.. Edited by bluebel
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Most of the time people use a counter and the mod operator to do that. If you only have 2 possible options, you can also just use a boolean flag:

$odd = true;for ($i = 0; $i < 5; $i++){  if ($odd)	echo '<div class="class1">';  else	echo '<div class="class2">';  echo 'xxx</div>';  $odd = !$odd;}

Each time through that loop $odd will be toggled, so it will alternate between printing divs which have class1 or class2.

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