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I've been wanting to launch a classifieds website for years. I know it's a pretty flooded market right now. There's classifieds website popping up everywhere. I find the current classifieds website too busy and some are just crap. You can hardly find what you typed in the search.What if I built the site to be simpler than current website kind of like the google search page. The search box would be the main focus. I would also have newest ads displayed and the categories could be browsed on the homepage. I would be using a modified version of the classipress template for wordpress.I'm thinking users should be able to sell anything not just cars, houses, etc.Can this work?

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yes/no? Lots of ideas sound good on paper. Implementation is a different story. If your aim is to provide a UI and experience not found (in your opinion) in today's market, then it's really hard to compare theirs to yours without something to compare theirs too; i.e. yours. Sounds a lot like Google, especially considering how they've recently changed their homepage to be "bare" and it focuses right on the search box until the mouse is moved and then other options/links appears. I'm not trying to discourage you or anything but based on your intent to "reinvent" the wheel as it were, I guess either some images of your intended UI, or some sort of demo, etc would probably help us envision it better. Certainly anything that's simpler and works better would surely be an improvement and well received, no? :)

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