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  1. I like the design, it is very clean. I can see your images load. After inspecting you use large images that you then resize. You should use a smaller image to increase performance.
  2. Decided to stick to French. I'm focusing the local businesses.
  3. I just updated my website at http://www.vchrisstudio.com/. What do you guys think? Does anyone have a version of IE8 non emulated? Can you test and let me know.
  4. You're probably right about the header size once the scrolling has begun especially on a mobile device, I think it should be shrunken. I'm in the the process of changing the layout again. I'm thinking of switching to a one page layout with a bit less text. I've decided to focus on microsites, basically local small business and individuals websites. I'm a one man team so I can't created large time intensive web applications and websites, it'll take me months. I hate creating websites for myself, I'm a tough client. I'm thinking creating website packages is better for business since clients can have an idea of how much it will cost them all included. The only thing I'm having trouble with is getting enough clients. Maybe a blog on newbie stuff would help my Google ranking.
  5. I've been in the business for close to 10 years and re-designed the site a few times. I'd like to know as a perspective client what do you think of my site? (where/how things are places, pages, text) http://vchrisstudio.com/ Thanks
  6. I've just updated my site with the new look and more description on the services I offer.
  7. I have put so many hours in the development of this template. Too many if you ask me. I'm rarely happy with what I do but for once I love it! I'm looking into improving the site and will be adding to my services page. I've designed a new header but still not sure if I'll be going wordpress. Wordpress would make it easy to update and blog but I'd have to lose the bilingual feature. It would just be way too complicated to set up a bilingual wordpress tying with a bilingual bbpress. I might be sticking with CodeIgniter2. I also want to add a blog so I can get more visitors. The blog will be aimed at users who are new to websites (my clients), basically what are cms, wordpress, hosting, domain names... Maybe add a forum for questions. Since I added my quote form, I've been getting less request for quotes maybe because it's too long/complicated.
  8. Nice work for 4 hours. Are your reviews from a database or static? Did you use PHP?
  9. vchris

    Web application

    Me and my buddy want to take on a new web application project. We've been thinking of an invoicing system but there's already a lot of those already available. Is there any web application that you wish existed or existed but differently?
  10. Hey guys, I just launched my new business website http://www.vchrisstudio.com. I do website design and development. It's built with the codeigniter 2 mvc framework and I put a lot of effort on the quote form so I stop getting general emails for web design which I can't answer because there isn't enough info. It saves me a lot of time with the clients.Let me know what you guys think.
  11. By default form elements don't have shadows. I'm guessing you have css that adds the shadows. Search for a background property for your form elements. Worst case add background-color: #FFFFFF; to your form elements.
  12. You don't really have to anymore. You can let paypal do the work for you. I believe they make 3% off every transaction or something like that, I'm not sure. You should look into how transactions with paypal work, it's less work than you think. Most of the themes you can download already have this stuff set up.
  13. I've used it before. It's a ppc (pay per click) program. You can make a lot depending on the clicks on get.
  14. I haven't really researched but I've seen some themes available. Some upthemes.com, there's probably a lot more.
  15. I developed an ecommerce website built on magento before and I find there's a big learning curve. It's most likely more than you need. Another ecommerce platform would be wordpress, nice and simple.
  16. I did it with the redirect feature in cpanel
  17. I have 1 main domain and 1 addon domain. I'd like that when a visitor goes to maindomain.com it redirects to addondomain.com. The problem I'm having is that my addon domain is a subfolder of maindomain.com so I can't just do redirect / http://addondomain.com. It gives me "The page isn't redirecting properly".
  18. You guys are giving me some really good ideas!I was thinking of setting up a bbpress forum that will tie in with wordpress. I will probably wait a bit for that though.
  19. I was thinking topics or categories like HTML5, HTML & XHTML, CSS, Design, General and probably more once I get started. I plan on using wordpress, I've already set up something on my dev site. I'm a bit worried about having nothing to write about. I think if I just research a bit I can come up with a lot of stuff to write about especially for newbies. I plan to also accept write ups from users. Maybe tutorials on how to create layouts. Maybe a small store to sell templates.
  20. I've been thinking of creating an HTML tutorial website for a while. I'm great with front-end stuff so I'd like to have articles, tutorials and more on HTML and CSS. Sort of a blog/tutorial site oriented towards coding newbies. Most tutorial websites don't have blogs and are oriented towards advanced back-end coding. I would possibly also provide free layouts, menus, ... I'm still not sure if this could work. What do you guys think?
  21. If anyone has a site other than a portfolio, I'd like to share links.If interested send me a pm.
  22. Thanks for the feedback guys.I was not sure about the text colour since here my monitor is pretty dark but at home it's fine. The arrows for the slider look fine in firefox and IE7 for me, they are just a bit over the white border. The top ad is auto generated from google, do you mean the content of the ad or the ad placement?
  23. I launched my new site last week. It's a video website where I link to trailers, games, documentaries... Users can leave comments and rate the videos.SlixVideosLet me know what you think?
  24. Any other thoughts?
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