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Create FullText Catalog error message


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I am running SQL Server 2005 on my laptop from a recent ASP.Net project. The web app that I worked on used the FullText search feature.I am now using the same SQL Server 2005 (and VS 2005) to go through an ASP.Net E-Commerce textbook.I am trying to create a FullText Catalog for a new database for the book's exercises.I get this error message when I try to run this command: Create FullText Catalog BalloonShopFullTextError message:Msg 7689, Level 16, State 1, Line 1Execution of a full-text operation failed. 'No such interface supported' I can see the SQL Server FullText Search running in my Task Manager's Services window. And, I have the checkbox checked in this project's database's Propterties window/Files tab.(I ran the " sp_fulltext_database 'enable' " command successfully, too.)What am I missing? I know that the FullText option was used in the previous project I worked on with this copy of SQL Server. Why isn't it working for this new database? What can I do to get it working for this new database?I think my only option is to backup my database files and uninstall/reinstall SQL Server.

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