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Hi In desperate need of help please!Using classic ASP - website. 1.Punchout2.Punch in3.Google checkout For example a website are integrating with a 3rd party supplier who provide printing products such as business cards. The supplier in question who require a punchout from our website to their online ordering system.A bespoke work to for a website to punch in our website with goods. A google checkout integration with our website Can anyone who would be kind enough to assist me from the beginning to the end of the project cycle?It would mean a lot and I would be benefiting some knowledge on this.Much appreciated!Thanks

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No I am not talking about Mike Tyson :) However it is just punchouts(in and out) concept with shopping baskets as I have had not much exposure to it, and not also familiar with google checkout as well.I would be really really grateful if anyone out there can really help me and assist me on this project cycle from beginning to end, and if anyone has any source coding examples would be an immense help.If you know anyone who is a senior developer or experienced developer who is happy and willingly to lend their precious time to help me out - it would mean lot to me. Please let me know or send me their email contact....Many thanks!

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