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How To Force Refresh Whilst Changing Stylesheets


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My problem is that if I change a stylesheet slighlty and upload it, then refresh, the browser sometimes ignores the changes I've made. I don't get it. If I do something big like "display: none;", it sits up and pays attention. What really gets me is that it must look at the new stylesheet to see how different it is, and then decides to ignore the changes. It's REALLY annoying.For example, I change margin-left: 100px; to margin-left: 200px; and nothing happened. I change it to margin-left: 2000px; and it rushes of the page. I p****** me off beyond articulation.My browsers are set to reload as frequently as possible (e.g. Firefox "reload every time I view a page" [which isn't the same as "reload everytime I hit refresh" (which annoys me greatly)]). What's even more annoying is that if I refresh with one browser, make a change, refresh with the same browser and it ignores my changes, refresh with a separate browser, it shows the page in the same state as the first browser! They're conspiring against me!

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