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document.readyState not available in Firefox


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i've happened to glance through some AJAX documentation and am aware that there are other objects (HTTP-Request-thingy) that allow for finding out the "ready state" in other ways, but just for the sake of 'fully loaded' or not, would the onload = true be a sufficient alternative ?meaning; in the scenario below;

<html><head><script>function displayok() {var showall=document.getElementsByTagName('img');showall[0].style.display="inline";showall[1].style.display="none";}</script></head><body onload="displayok()"><img src="HUGE_PIC.jpg" style="display:none"><img src="loading.gif"></body></html>

the HUGE_PIC will not be shown until the document is fully loaded ?

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Firefox can tell when the document using the DOMContentLoaded event:


Only standard compliant browsers have this event and it can only be used with the addEventListener method.

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