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Hi,I use Visual Studio 2005 professional editioin.I have created a smart tag, you can see it when you locate to (Word > Tools > AutoCorrect Options command > Smart Tags tab), I have checked Recoginze method by using MessageBox.Show(....) and it works,but i have two problems:1. I don't know if Action class is registered or not, I have registered both classes in the same way by using GUID and creating subkey in the:HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\Common\Smart Tag\ActionsBut the action button (smart tag button)does not appieres and I dont know how can i check if the Action is register, I have used MessageBox.show(..) in the InvokeVerb method but it does not show up.2. How must i do to make my Smart Tag dynamic, I mean the terms that would be recognized would change.( by selecting in a database).

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