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Value From The Form Not Getting Transferred

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Sir; I am developing student muster roll for my school.See below given part of the files for the problem that I am facing. 1) grade_details.asp : ( Form with the values ) <%Do while not Rs.EOF if grade = Rs("student_homegrade") then Response.Write "<OPTION NAME = stuid VALUE = '" & RS("student_id") & "' SELECTED>" 'stuid is not passed to enter_stu_recs.asp. I am making mistake somewhere. Please guide. Response.Write replace(Rs("student_name"),"""","'") & "</Option>" Rs.MoveNext else Response.Write "<OPTION NAME = stuid VALUE = '" & RS("student_id") & "'>" Response.Write replace(Rs("student_name"),"""","'") & "</Option>" Rs.MoveNext end ifloop%> 2) enter_stu_recs.asp ( The page where the values are to be transferred ) <% Dim objExec,dayab,monthab,yearab,stu_id,abdayab=request.form("rdate")monthab=request.form("rmonth")yearab=request.form("ryear")stu_id=request.form("stuid")ab=request.form("absent")%> <hr><%response.write dayab %><hr><%response.write monthab%> <hr><%response.write yearab%> <hr><%response.write stu_id%> ?<hr><%response.write session("username")%><hr><%response.write ab%><hr>---------------------------------------------------- Output as shown below: 2392011(THIS CALUE IS NOT SHOWN)?12345ABSENT Iam facing a problem. Values from, form in grade_details.asp file show up in enter_stu_recs file except stuid. ( Student's id is not passed to the enter_stu_recs from grade_details.) Will somebody help me out with this problem? Thanks in advance. Squareonthehypotenuse.

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Dear Duotone Fox; Thanks a lot. It was really silly on my part not to realise the mistake. It is nice of you to point it out. It solved my problem.THANK YOU.

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