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Issues with mysqli_fetch_array


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I'm running this PHP script:

	global $connection;	$query = "SELECT titel, description, pris1, pris1_dur, pris2, pris2_dur, pris3, pris3_dur, pris4, pris4_dur, image, sub_subject_id		FROM user		WHERE user_id = '" . $_SESSION['user_id'] . "'";	$data = mysqli_query($connection, $query);	$row = mysqli_fetch_array($data);

And I'm getting this error returned:

Warning: mysqli_fetch_array() expects parameter 1 to be mysqli_result, boolean given in /volume1/web/...php on line 101

Line 101 is the mysqli_fetch_array line. Can anyone spot the error? I've tested the query in phpMyAdmin and it works fine. Thanks in advance :)

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