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listbox in html


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I have a table called officer that contains the names of officers. I want to make a page that lists these officers and when I click on a certain officer I can delete or update this officer, also there is a button called add so when i click add and insert a certain officer I want the name to be added directly to the old list. how can I make this in html please let me know the tools and if any one can gave me a simple example he will be more than welcome. knowing that I know how to do the sql statements i only wants to know the html tools like list box or something like that.

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if I am understanding you correctly, you will need to use the "onchange" attribute in your <select> tag that will submit the form. Your action page would identify this, run the SQL, and return you back to the page.If you google "javascript onchange form submit" - that should help.i.e.http://www.javaworld.com/javaworld/jw-06-1...javascript.html

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