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The code that follows outputs the date as css class in a td element:

id=dateid_'.$year.str_pad(date('m', $month),2,'0', STR_PAD_LEFT).str_pad($datecount, 2, '0', STR_PAD_LEFT).

This a segment, enough though to draw a conclusion-I believe, hopefully. And here is what is output in the browser:

<td class="weekdaysid=dateid_20120601">1</td>

The PHP code above outputs the ...id=dateid_20120601 and it is here that my q comes and is related with the str_pad function According to the PHP manual if the pad length is equal to the input string then no padding takes place.So, in the code we have a pad length of 2 and the input string is always 2 characters since date('m') outputs the month as 2 digits. So is there a reason for having a pad length of 2 here?

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I think it was dsonesuk sometime ago(I am almost sure he was him).

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