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Problems including another schema


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I'm using VBA to export to an XML document using a schema provided by EPA. However, they created a separate schema to declare elements and are 'including' the separate schema into the root schema. The problem is that now Microsoft Excel 2010 has update security settings to the property ResolveExternals such that "in MSXML 6.0, the default setting is False. If this property is set to False, no external includes and imports will be resolved." Link to the ResolveExternals property page:http://msdn.microsof...3(v=vs.85).aspx So now when I'm trying to use the same VBA code, I get an error complaining about undeclared elements because the 'include' is not resolved (because the default setting to ResolveExternals is False). I realize this is more of a Microsoft question but I have gotten no response from any other forum. Maybe someone has had this same issue. I need to know how to set this ResolveExternals property to true such that it will include the element declarations properly... Thanks for your time. :sorry:

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