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hi,i am new in php.i want to know about a problem of php register system.I want a system that a normal page with some input forms.When i click the register buttion it returns the same page and dont show the register form and only show a massage and for first tyme its only show the register form.But my problem is 1st time its showing the massage and did not showing the form.the code is bellow

<?phpif($register_form=true){echo "you have been register!!!";}else{echo"<form action='register.php' method='GET'> ";echo "<input type='hidden' name'register_form' value='true' /></br>";echo "username:<input type='text' name=''/></br>";echo" email:<input type='text' name=''/></br>";echo" password:<input type='password' name=''/></br>";echo"retype-password:<input type='password' name=''/></br> ";echo "<input type='submit' value='register'/>";echo"</form> ";}?>

Can u help me with your tips?

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