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Adding new columns to a table using the datepart function Sql


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Morning Everyone, I have just started training on SQL and was wondering if you could help with a problem I have encountered. I have populated a column with a date via the CREATE TABLE FunctionUSE OccupancyCREATE TABLE Time(Date date not null) DECLARE @StartDate Date, @EndDate Date SET @StartDate = '01 Jan 2010'SET @EndDate= '31 March 2015'WHILE @StartDate <= @EndDate BEGININSERT INTO TimeVALUES (@StartDate)SET @StartDate = Dateadd(dd,1,@StartDate)ENDBut what I would like to do now is create 4 Extra columns called CalendarYear, CalendarMonth, FinancialYear and finally FinancialMonth, I know I should use the Datepart function but not matter how many time I have written it, it doesn't seem to work.All help is much appreciated.ThanksWayne

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