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Dynamic Drop Down Select box


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Dynamic Drop Down Select boxHello Friends....I want to cretae dynamic dropdown select box....like....when it should save entered value in drop down list and also allow usto enter new value if it is not in the list.....How can I do that...????

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Hello, if I'm understanding your question correctly, I don't think it's possible to build a drop down that will allow users to type in a new value. To add a new value to the selection list, one option is to add an additional input field (type="text") and allow users to type in a new value to add to the drop down. You would also include a button that dynamically adds and creates a new drop down when clicked. The new drop down could be created using either javascript or server-side processing with ASP, Java, PHP, etc.I know that my company uses this type of method for adding values to a drop down list. Maybe someone else knows a better way of handling that.lugos

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