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input type date html5 value


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I am using the html5 input type date field in an asp page. I have it saving to the database fine, but how do I display the date as a variable when bringing the date back in the same input type tag? I need to bring it back in the same input tag so the date could be updated if the web user needs to change the original date when adding.




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Thanks but I have used other pop up calendars to select the date and the value will return from the database when revisiting that page. I am wondering if the new html5 tag shown here (input date)



is only used for input and the value cannot be set from the database?



<input type="date" name="MessageDatehappen" value="<%=MessageDatehappen%>" />

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It works fine for me. If I select a date with that and hit submit, the server shows something like this:


Input was received as:




Then if I change the HTML to show this:


<input type="date" name="bday" value="2013-12-18">


and submit the change, it renders the date field with that date selected. I'm testing with Opera.

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That's what I showed above, this is what the HTML for that field needs to look like:


<input type="date" name="bday" value="2013-12-18">


I don't know if that field requires yyyy-mm-dd or not, but that code definitely works in the TryIt editor, you can try it yourself. I would suggest that you convert the date that you have to yyyy-mm-dd format and use that.

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