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Is the age an suspending factor to start programming?


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I want to start programming and i am 43 years old.

My work experience until now is mostly in

Desktop publishing and was working in newspapers.

A year now i am unemployed and have tried some jobs

to do like real estate, also i have thought of a taxi driver

but have not the license yet.

I thought though to start learning programming and

work on some open projects in order to maximize my experience

and then get some jobs in my country (Greece) or online from freelancers.


I kindly ask the opinion of some older members in this field.


Thanks in advance and happy easter


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There isn't necessarily an age limit as long as you are a good learner and good at programming. If you can do the job then that's all that matters (or should). But don't think that programming is easier than it is, designing and writing software is more like building a car than driving a taxi, there is a lot to learn. It's really easy to become a bad programmer, but becoming a good programmer takes quite a bit more work unless you are specifically skilled in that kind of thinking. You might want to take a couple introductory classes and see how you like it. If it's very confusing then it might not be for you.

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