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radiobutton onclick

Emwat Oon

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Is there a way to tie a radiobutton into a function? Like onClick?


I've looked on msdn, but the closest I found is OnCheckedChanged and that isn't working for me. This is what I've tried.

    <asp:RadioButton ID="radSpecifyOther" runat="server" GroupName="specify" Text="Other" OnCheckedChanged="radEnableOther" EnableViewState="true"/>    protected void radEnableOther(object sender, EventArgs e)    {        if (radSpecifyOther.Checked)        txtEnableSpecify.Enabled = true;        else txtEnableSpecify.Enabled = false;    }
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Yes you can use onclick event as

 <asp:RadioButton ID="chkNo" Text="No" runat="server" onclick="fn()" />

you can add your own function.

After this you can use the JavaScript to define function.

<script type="text/javascript">
        function fn() {
            alert("I have clicked no button");

i hope you will understand.

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