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JAXB with SAXParserFactory to read a xml with inclusions

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I use JAXB with SAXParserFactory to read in a xml that contains other inclusions. For example, this following xml is called “TheFile.xml” and it refers to “class_common.xml” .

<!DOCTYPE page [  <!ENTITY class_common SYSTEM "class_common.xml" >]>    <api xmlns:denp="http://intranet.denali.com/wiki/DocBook_profiling">    &class_common;

But what I notice is the default location used in SAXParserFactory for “class_common.xml” is where I launch the program . For example, my program is stared from DIR1 and both xml files are in DIR2, SAXParserFactory reads the “TheFile.xml” and tries to look for the “class_common.xml” from DIR1 instead of DIR2. How do I fix this?


The code I have is like the following


cl = class_xml.ObjectFactory.class.getClassLoader(); context = JAXBContext.newInstance("class_xml", cl); Unmarshaller u = context.createUnmarshaller(); SAXParserFactory spf = SAXParserFactory.newInstance(); spf.setXIncludeAware(true); XMLReader xr = (XMLReader) spf.newSAXParser().getXMLReader(); SAXSource source = new SAXSource(xr, new InputSource(new FileInputStream(classXMLFile))); api = (Api) u.unmarshal(source);

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Thanks, I am quit surprised that no one has used JAXB to readin inclusions :aggressive: what do people use? Or just don't have inclusions?

I really don't know. I see this all as wizardry; I myself is aiming to be a master wizard at JavaScript, and knowledgable in the sorcery art of html, css, xml and the likes.So I don't know much at all about sax and only read in passing of it.If you could detail all languages you are sorcerying in, I can have a better ideal of what to tell you, or how to help/guide you. Edited by L8V2L
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