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building speller practicer


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I have basic AS2 and AS3 skills, yet I would like to create a spelling practicer. I want that the learner has to type in the same word three times (into three windows) -- as practice, spelling drill. At this point he will push the CHECK SPELLING button, once the user (learner) pushes the CHECK SPELLING button (at Label #1) the movie head will go on to the next word on the next screen (at Label #2). It will not go on to the next screen if the learner / user has not typed in the words.


How do I do this?

What AS3 commands do I use?


This is NOT a "test", but a "practicer". On the screen will be (a graphic of) the word. The user / learner will simply look it (but not copy paste) and type it into the windows. The logic is practice, drill, repetition, in order to learn the proper spelling.


Can anyone point me in the right direction. Thanks!

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Better yet,...

The user / learner types in the word once, then pushes CHECK.

The program responds with a green check graphic or a red no enter graphic. (the typed word vanishes)

The user / learner types the same word in again, pushes CHECK.

He/she gets a second green check graphic.

The user / learner repeats this same thing a third (final) time.

When he/she has accomplished three consecutive correct spellings, and pushes CHECK, (a graphic of) the word "CORRECT" flashes on the screen three times, and.... the user / learner is SENT to the next screen (Label #2).


A CLEAR button is provided to start over to accomplish three in a row, in case of a misspelling and a red no enter graphic.


This method of entering each word individually would guard against typing it once and then just copy/pasting the second two.

The point is to TYPE in the word, for practice. The more times we do something, the faster we learn it.

Copy/pasting would defeat the goal of the "practicer".


So, ONE screen, ONE word, THREE practices, SENT to next screen,.....

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