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I am very new to ASPX, and trying to create a form.

I need text boxes, date pickup, drop down with multi selection option, radio button, check box, two file upload boxes, text area for terms & Conditions.

1. All fields are required, with complete validation.

2. In text box, where name is to be taken as input also need to be validated if there is any numeric insertion...

3. All error messages with a red cross image, should appear in same column, where there is the input field, aligned properly on right side of input box.

4. the error message image and text should reflect instantly, i.e. the image should be pre loaded.

5. in the date pickup box, date after 10 days of current date should be highlighted.

6. e-mail should be validated properly, and should allow long domain extensions also (e.g. . photography, .mobile etc.), it should not be restricted to three characters.

7. The submit button can be clicked only if the terms & conditions text area, is checked with the check box.

8. If every thing is fine, then the mail is to be sent on gmail id, in a proper form with all text labels and input box text, along with IP address, browser details, and timing when the form was filled. A copy is to be send to the person filling the form.

A thanks message should appear on top of form (in first line), and form values to be reset.

Can anyone please help with a tested, precise, and easy code, along with the implementation instructions...

I do not need the link suggestions.


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