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develop groupware with citadel on ubuntu server


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Hi everyone,


I'm developing groupware with citadel on ubuntu server 12.04


When i customize login screen , i can't understand some tags.


The contents in login.html are as below


<?=("head")><!-- start login.html --><noscript><div id="noscript_warning"><?_("WARNING: You have JavaScript disabled in your web browser. Many functions of this system will not work properly.")></div></noscript><div id="login_screen"><div class="box"><div class="boxlabel"><?SERV:HUMANNODE> - <?_("powered by")> <a href="http://www.citadel.org">Citadel</a></div><div class="boxcontent"><div id="hellomsg"><?SERV:MESG("hello")>


What is that mean The hilighted tag <?SERV:HUMANNODE> ?


Is there anyone who have any idea about this?


Thank you in advance.

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Well, I guess it's Google time.






OK, here's a result:



It says that the template engine will replace <?SERV:HUMANNODE> with a human readable version of the name of the citadel.

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Thank you very much


Is <?SERV:HUMANNODE> tag predefined command? or html file?


I mean


1. predefined command like function


2. html file that contains some text


I searched google and citadel.org but can't understand the meaning of template engine


Always thank you

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