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apache won't work after reinstall


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Hello everyone

I don't know from where I must start to told my problem, but this my problem :
- First time when I install php 5.3.1 32 bit on apache 2.4.7 64 bit it was successful and I can use php well,
- But because I want to upgrade my php 5.3.1 32 bit to php 5.5.18 VC11 32 bit.
I uninstall my apache and then reinstall it, after reinstall apache I install php 5.5.18 on apache server I tried to turn on my apache but there is message like on this image :
after I check on httpd.conf :
it will happen if I put this code on httpd.conf :
PHPIniDir "C:/Program Files (x86)/php" LoadModule php5_module "C:/Program Files (x86)/php/php5apache2_4.dll"

Q : What I must do to fix this problem?


Q2 : Should I uninstall mysql too? because since I uninstall apache and php I have not uninstall mysql


please someone help me



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You do not need to uninstall Apache or MySQL when you are updating PHP. They are completely separate. Just install PHP and reconfigure Apache to use it.That error message says there is a problem on line 538 of httpd.conf. I would start by looking there.

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