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Dynamic dropdown list with append method not working in Internet Explorer


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Hi guys,my problem is that in ie11 my dynamic drop down select list not showing at all!!,, i mean that in firefox and chrome is working except ie11,, i m using append method like that,

function loadUsagesDdl(ajaxUrl) {    var reportsUrl = $(document).myfunctions('reportsUrl');    $.ajax({        dataType:'json',        type: 'GET',        url: ajaxUrl,        cache:false,        success:function (response) {            var ddl = $('#ddl_usageCode');            var opts = response.Records;                     $.each(opts, function(i, item) {                              // ddl.append($("<option />").val(item.usageCode).text(item.description));                         $("<option></option>",{                          value: item.usageCode,                          text: item.description                     }).appendTo(ddl)                            });            var firstUsageCode = response.Records[0].usageCode;                            loadDynamicDdl(reportsUrl + '/ddlPaymentPeriods?usageCode=' + firstUsageCode, 'ddl_periodFrom');            loadDynamicDdl(reportsUrl + '/ddlPaymentPeriods?usageCode=' + firstUsageCode, 'ddl_periodTo');        },        error:function (jqXHR, exception) {            alert("There was an error loading dropdownlist.");        }    });}

what is going wrong in ie? :( please guys any help would be really appreciated..Thank you all

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