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What is the real (programmable) link between MySQL and HTML/CSS/Javascript/PHP


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Greetings to everyone here. I have a little challenge which I will try to relay for more enlightenment on the issue. Let me start by saying that although I am very familiar with C/C++/Java, I actually began creating web applications in early December 2014 through the use of this very wonderful and easy-to-understand website (w3schools.com). I completed the basic HTML tutorial, glanced through the HTML5 innovations then added some perfections with my understanding of the HTML forms examples. I have also gone through the basic tutorials for CSS, PHP and Javascript (still on js and php).


My problem is that although I understand how to link my created HTML pages (with CSS and Js) with PHP, especially when I need to submit a form, but I am still yet to get how I can link my HTML/CSS/Js with SQL despite finishing the SQL section of the PHP tutorial. I understood the section on its own but it is how to go about its usage that I don't understand.


I understand that SQL is a database for storing client information but its the relationship with other web-lnguages that I don't fully understand. Let's say I am creating a simple web-application that stores name and phone numbers of my friends this is how I understand it works in plain English.

1. Use HTML for the basic things needed for the website (HTML)

2. Use CSS to add colours and stylings to the website. (CSS)

3. Use Javascript to add a few more functionalities to the site (Js)

4. Create a submit button that when clicked will use POST attribute then send the inputed information to a specified location (PHP)


5. Where does SQL come in?????

I understand that it is meant to hold all the submitted information but how is it linked to the website? Is it through the HTML document? Or is it automatically added?


I use Xamp, and I know a little on how to use phpmyadmin to create databases and tables but I can't link them with my HTML pages.




I will really appreciate responses even though I have a feeling it might be difficult to understand what I am really saying.



Lagos, Nigeria.

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