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so i'm tryna figure out how to implement a strategy i see google and some other websites use.. I've been tryna figure out how do they list their results with incrmental search options.. like (1, 2, 3, 4.. etc..), like each number you choose you get a different list of search results.. i want to implement this on a tryout website where i can display a list of news, that i will keep adding more and more news updates to.. i would like to know how should i use this same technology on my own website...

>>>>Would i have to make a special incremented database table for news and formulate a special query to return a certain amount of rows at a time and display it appropriately. then caluculate how much numbers to display on the website by the the amount of data in the database table.. the numbers would display the most recent updates to the least as expected..

i have no idea, i'm just brainstorming on what i think is most practical from my level of knowledge... Can someone please help me i'm tryna prepare for a job.. thanks much for the help...

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