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HTML5 track doesn't work

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HTML5 track doesn't work for me. I have tried for a couple of hours and tested in FF, Chrome and Opera. Here are the code and .vtt file.<!DOCTYPE html><html lang="en"><head>	<title>Video HTML5</title><style>	video {	box-shadow: 6px 6px 3px #888888;	border: 1px solid grey;	padding: 8px;	allowfullscreen: true;	} </style>	</head><body><div class="video">	<video id="video01"		controls preload="auto" 		width="400" 		height="300"		poster="/pics/dnskrapan1.jpg"		data-setup='{"autoplay": false}'>			<source src="/movies/testbild.mp4"	type="video/mp4">			<source src="/movies/testbild.webm" type="video/webm">			<source src="/movies/testbild.ogv"	type="video/ogg">			<track  src="/tracks/video.vtt" kind="subtitles" srclang="sv" label="Swedish">	</video></div></body>WEBVTT00:00:01.000 --> A:middle T:50%First line00:00:03.000 --> A:end D:verticalSecond line00:00:06.000 --> A:start T:100% L:0%Third line
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That looks fine to me, what happens when you load the page? Have you checked your browser's network tab in the developer tools to make sure it's downloading all files?

Yes, the HTML, poster and vtt file downloaded OK. What else is there to check?

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It seems like things should be working, are you sure you're using a browser that supports WebVTT? The video is at least 8 seconds right?

I use FF 36, Chrome 41 and Opera 27 - latest version and the video is 10 seconds long. Is there anything I can find out about this in Firebug?

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