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In python interpreter prompt command , I got this result :


>>> a= 25

>>> b



>>> a=120

>>> b



I could not understanding why I got 3 as a result . What is the explanation of getting 3 as a result or why I get 3 as a result ??


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You're asking it for b, the value you set was a


b was probably set to 3 earlier.



No no I did not . I did not assign any value to b


I begun the little piece of code like this


>>> a = 123

>>> b

(then when I pressed enter ) I got 3 as a result



believe me


now i tried again but when I pressed enter I got this error :



name 'b' is not defined


now a value should assigned to b


Now I assigned a value to be b and now it is printed normally but before the result was 3

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It's impossible to know now whether you gave b a value or not, but computers only do what they're told. If b had a value it's almost certainly because somebody set that value.

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