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Can you help me with sql, I need update form, but I don´t know how can I do it.

       $db= new mysqli("localhost", "dany66", "*******", "mathstart");       $email_n = $_POST['email_n'];       $vek_n = $_POST['vek_n'];       $datum_n = $_POST['datum_n'];       if(isset($email_n))       {        $update1 = "UPDATE inf(email) SET  email= '$email'                     WHERE jmeno = '" . $_SESSION['username'] . "'";        $pokus = $db -> query($update1);        if(fetch_assoc($pokus) == TRUE)        {         echo("<script> alert('Řádek s e-mailem byl změněn.')</script>");        }        }
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I think the error might be in the name of the table. Change inf(email) for the name of the table (usually is 'users') and it should work.


In case that you actually called you db inf(email): Sorry, my bad!

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